Thursday, January 20, 2022

  1. Warm Up Questions
    1. What did television provide for the American people of the 1950s?
    2. What happened to radio and movies in the 1950s?

  2. Rock 'n' Roll
    Take Notes

  3. 1950s Rock Music Analysis
    • Watch the EdPuzzle video of songs from the 1950s.
    • Answer the following questions in the analysis doc (Google Classroom):
      • For Each Song:
        1. Name of the artist.
        2. Date the song was recorded.
        3. Write a lyric from the song that you think would have resonated with teenagers of the 1950s.  Briefly explain why.
      • Evaluation:
        1. Which song do you think had the most impact on music or on society of the 1950s? Explain.
        2. Which song did you like the best? Why?
        3. Which song did you like the least? Why?