Tuesday, October 31, 2023

  1. Warm Up Questions
    1. In Shell Shock, Donald Hodge said “Nobody wins in a war, they lost but we didn't win.” What did he mean?
    2. What is nativism?
    3. What is isolationism?
    4. What is conservatism?

  2. Discuss 1920s Test, Part 1 (Homework--Due Monday, November 6th)
    • You will randomly be given a history topic: an individual from the 1920s (an artist, athlete, actor, musician, writer, etc.).
    • First, research your topic. Use a MINIMUM of three sources. As you research, take notes and cite your source directly on your notes. You will turn these notes in after you present.
    • Use the questions on your slide to guide your research.
    • After you research, complete the ONE slide for your topic.
    • DO NOT cut and paste information from an internet source onto your slide.
    • DO use bullet points. Keep it brief. Most of your information will come out in your presentation by what you SAY, not what is written on your slide! You do NOT need to write all of the information on the slide.
    • Focus on editing the areas outlined in purple.

  3. Consumerism in the 1920s
    Use the included sources to answer the questions (Canvas)