Monday, November 13, 2023

  1. Warm Up Questions
    1. What were Marcus Garvey’s goals?
    2. Why were Garvey’s goals not achieved?
    3. What did the writers of the Harlem Renaissance emphasize?

  2. Clips from America in the 20th Century: Roaring Twenties Video

  3. Review Essential Question #3

  4. 1920s Test, Part 2
    You will create a “one pager” (“two pager,” if working with a partner) to review the Roaring 1920s. You will either use Google Slides (1 slide if by yourself, 2 if with a partner), Canva (1 slide if by yourself, 2 if with a partner), or one of the attached PDF templates (1 PDF if by yourself, 2 if with a partner). Part 1 will be within the main part of your slide(s), whereas Part 2 will be in the outside borders (see: templates). Final pager(s) will need to be uploaded to Canvas (if working with a partner, both people will need to attach to the assignment)

    Part 1
    Your final product needs to use a combination of words and images to demonstrate an understanding of 6 of the following (12 of the following, if working with a partner):
    • a discovery (science, archaeology, medicine, agricultural, consumer related, etc)
    • changing economic habits (personal and government)
    • clothing trends/changes
    • consumerism changes
    • gender differences
    • generational differences
    • literature
    • movies
    • music
    • nativism/immigration
    • racial tensions
    • radio
    • regional issue/concern/difference
    • rise of organized crime
    • urban/rural divide

    Part 2
    Regardless of which template you choose, in the border, you must respond to ONE of the following (TWO, if working with a partner) in the border(s) of your final product:
    1. Why were the 1920s filled with political, social, and economic extremes?
    2. How did culture change in the 1920s?
    3. Were the 1920s a “return to normalcy?” Why or why not?